I believe that when God gives us visions, dreams, creative ideas and witty inventions to fulfill our purpose, he will give us the provisions, but we must first put some practical things in place. The purpose of these tools is to equip ministers, pastors, evangelists,  leaders, kingdom businesses and entrepreneurs how to implement the use of proper branding, marketing through internet technologies such as social media, e-marketing, web development and video marketing for spreading the gospel of Christ.

To Be Effective & Successful We Must Ask Ourselves These Questions:

1. Is your MINISTRY or BUSINESS properly identified (e.g. Corporate Logo, Color Scheme, Bus. Forms etc.)?

2. Do I prepare a Budget Annually for Marketing and Advertising?

3. Do I have a Digital Media Kit with professional biography and photographs?

4. Am I getting enough visibility for my MINISTRY and or BUSINESS?

5. What medium am I using to ADVERTISE my MINISTRY and or BUSINESS?

6. Is your MINISTRY struggling and not growing as fast as you would like?

7. Are you finding it difficult to market your MINISTRY and attract new members?

8. Do you get results from your marketing efforts…after you’ve spend a lot of money and send the message out?

Building a Brand:

It is important if you own a small or medium size ministry or businesses to establish a personal brand that will stand out and represent the Kingdom of God. Do you know that we as individuals experience over 1,000 advertisements through different media that we are expose to daily (i.e. tv, newspaper, internet, radio, or outdoor advertisement).

To build a successful ministry or organization or product brand we have to utilize the right tools as well as engaging a company that have the expertise in branding and the heart for God, that will make sure all aspects of your efforts are realized. Most ministries, organizational leaders does not have the awareness of the need for a proper logo, color scheme, and positioning of their ministry or organization in the marketplace. Their main focus is membership, which is good but you want to strategies to create structure first. Because sometimes there is a lot of personal resources, time and money spent unnecessary and could have been save if the leader have these tools to work with. A great brand is very important, with the right color scheme and design that will represent the ministry or organization well and will cause it to grow and stand the test of time.

Develop a Marketing Budget:

Your budget is a marketing tactic with several benefits. The goal of your budget is to control your ministry expenses and project your revenues or income. It also assist in the coordination of your overall marketing plan. You should put together a realistic budget to establish a standard of the ministry performance for everything that is done.

When you have a proper marketing budget it also keeps you on target and indicate when there is a need to modify your marketing plan, to show you when you are on/off track with promotions or advertising. As you develop a budget, think of it as in the secular marketplace, where they consider sales and marketing objectives…and how you’ll relate your spending to your strategy.

Have a Professional Digital Media Kit:

A media kit is very relevant in todays marketplace, especially if you want to be on the cutting edge and to reach the next generation. It is very useful for prospective members, speaking engagements, promotional materials and also to brand your ministry so the community knows who you are.

But there’s a right way and a wrong way to build a press kit, if its done improperly can be a distraction. Here are some basics – make sure that it includes all the basic information about the ministry, your mission statement, the different ministries, board of elders. Basically you need to educate who you are and what your ministry is about. Don’t create a story book, update regularly, times are always changing stay current at all times. And make sure that you have professional digital photographs of the highest quality.

How to Gain Visibility For Your Ministry:

Even as we run our ministries with what’s current, we need to look out for what’s next and how it can help us. Technology itself plays a large part in what we do to stay current. Social media like Facebook, Tweeter, Linkedin just to name a few is the way to go it doesn’t cost you nothing to spread the word of God, its very effective. You don’t have to even have a computer to do that, you can just use your mobile phones, Ipad and other such media devices.

Mobile apps, mobile-specific websites, mobile advertisements are design for these smart phone devices. As we grow our aim is the reach the masses, efficiently and with the most information possible. Getting the message to those where there is no computer, clear, concise and graphical impacting, while attainable on their phones will be of enormous benefit. With this being said and done this is one of the ways to attract new members within and around your community to be apart of your ministry.

We are here to stare you in the right direction we can help, leave us a message! And You Can Also Book Us For A Workshop!


  1. Ranjit Reply

    I am an online martnkieg manager and I want to be able to know a little bit about graphic design and html so I can easily create and edit pages online. I also want to be able to edit graphic images (very basic stuff) and save them in optimal ways for my page. which software should I be learning? photoshop? indesign? studio? dreamweaver? thanks

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Ranjit,to create and edit images can be done in photoshop, html have to be learnt by itself…there is a book on htlm which teaches you what the codes mean the name of the book is HTLM for Dummies great book. Learning photoshop is time consumming but it take a lot of practice and having a creative mind…knowing how to use photoshop doesn’t mean you’ll have a great design but you must have a concept first and use the tools to bring it to life. Thanks for your inquiring. I hope this will help you..if you have more questions or need my help on a project, please feel free to let know.

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